inspired by

extraordinary people

  • Ayrton Senna | Formula 1 World Champion Legend
    During the Formula 1 Estoril Grand Prix in 1985 i have the pleasure to see with my father, this fantastic champion Ayrton Senna drive his Lotus and win is first victory in Estoril Circuit in Portugal. I will continue reed books and watch films about him, to get always more inspiration of his victories and way of think: "If you want to be successful you need total dedication seek out and give the best of yourself", or " winning is in my blood "
  • Cathy Freeman | Sydney 2000 Olympic Champion Legend
    During the Sydney Olympic Games I have see Cathy run the 400 meters in the Olympic Stadium and inspire one nation and her Aboriginal people and I will never forget that unique moment in my life. I have bought a photography book from her and when I need more inspiration a read true testimonies from her preparation like: "winning is a by product of good preparation ". Four years later in Athens 2004 Olympic Games i was lucky to see and meet her and have the opportunity to say the much admired.
  • Francisco Sá Carneiro | Portugal Prime Minister
    I have only 8 years when i visit with my parents a farm meeting in Santarem in Portugal, and the Portuguese Prime Minister at that time was Francisco Sá Carneiro, and he took me in his arms and probably say good things to me that I realy don't remember, but was a moment to remember and admire a man, from his courage to lead a country with his policies, that I really understand 15 years later, when I became adult, the charisma of his personality. Probably because he died in a plain crash a few months later in 4 December 1980 i never forget him, and I always continue to read about his life and thought for society.
  • Juan Antonio Samaranch | IOC President for life
    In September 1999 during my master degree preparation i spend a few days in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum and Olympic Headquarters, preparing my final work presentation about " franchising and sport " after two years of studies in MEMOS in 7 of the best universities in Europe for sport and management, where I have learn with the best specialists of the industry and university teacher. When i was in a room at the Olympic Headquarters, Juan Antonio Samaranch come in and reached hand to me and ask me about what i am doing there and I have the chance to explain I was there to prepare my master final presentation, and he wish me all the best. I will never forget the man who has the vision for the Olympic Games transforming for modern times. More one inspiration and role model for me.
  • Nelson Mandela | Former South African President and Human Rights Defender Legend
    Nelson Mandela was a world leader recognized for his values, character and courage who give a new life for his country South Africa. I special appreciate and follow his vision for sport: “Sport as the power to change the world”. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela, but I will certainly continue to follow the example of his life, and contribute to their vision for the sport.